Refresh and Restore Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can naturally start to wear out and look faded over the course of its life. The good news is that it’s possible to revive it and give it a second life by refinishing it.
Duran's Floors provides hardwood floor refinishing services to home and business owners. Provided that your flooring is thick enough, we can sand down the top layer and provide a new coating and sealing that will return its original look. 
Sand Floor

How Does Refinishing Work?

Thick enough hardwood floor can effectively be refinished enough to last the entire life of the home. We do this by sanding the top layer of your floor, which rids the layer that has been used and worn down by natural causes.

Once this is completed, we will screen and level out any outstanding pieces of edges so that the new top layer is uniform. We then clean, re-stain, and refinish the floor which restores its original shine and protects it from future damage.

01 Sanding

We sand down the worn layer of your hardwood floor. This removes the damaged areas and allows us to utilize the layer underneath.

02 Leveling, Finishing

We treat this lower layer by leveling it out, cleaning, re-staining it, and finishing the work so that your floor looks like brand-new.

03 Lasts a Lifetime

A quality hardwood floor can effectively be refinished up to ten times. This means that your flooring can last you a lifetime.

Select, Design, Install

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