The Look of Wood at Lower Costs

f you want the look of hardwood without the price or the various downsides, laminate flooring can prove to be an excellent solution. 
Duran's Floors provides a variety of laminate flooring types to outfit your home. We sell this flooring type as planks or tiles that we can professionally install on your behalf. They also lend themselves as great projects you can do on your own time.

What Makes Laminate Floors Great?

Laminate can give the general appearance and class of hardwood without being as susceptible to humidity damage. It can also easily be installed over existing flooring, which makes it easy to remove and replace as needed. 

It’s also extremely easy to maintain laminate floors as they are highly durable and easy to sweep up. You simply need to do regular sweeping to avoid abrasive scratching to your tile surface. 

01 Avoid Moisture

Laminate is more resistant to moisture than real hardwood, but you should still avoid high-moisture areas such as the bathroom.

02  Easy Tiling

Once laminate flooring is worn out, you'll need to replace the tiles. Fortunately, the tiling is easy to install as a DIY project.

03 The Look of Wood

Laminate flooring gives you the appearance of wood at a lower cost. If you want the look on a budget, this the way to go.


Why Choose Our Flooring Renovations?

  • Project Management

    We effectively plan our flooring renovations to ensure that your project is finished on time.

  • Maintenance and Repairs

    We can assist with repairs and maintenance of existing floors without total replacement.

  • Timely Work

    Our work is scheduled around you. No one is better suited to maximize the results in the time you give us.

  • Beautiful Design

    Floors should be durable AND look good. We'll help you design a floor plan that complements your space.

  • Expert Knowledge

    We help our clients make the best decisions for their business or home using our vast experience.

  • Increased Value

    Our services are affordable and are proven to enhance the value of your home or property.

Select, Design, Install

Ready to liven up the look of your home or business? Give us a call today.
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