Flooring for Your Office or Business

When it comes to commercial environments, you need flooring solutions that can hold up to a large amount of foot traffic.
Duran's Floors has the experience necessary to outfit a wide variety of commercial outlets with the appropriate flooring. We can service office buildings, retail locations, restaurants, and much more. We know what will work best for your work environment. 

Floorings for Every Environment

When you need something that can hold up to a ton of foot traffic, rubber flooring can provide the perfect solution. It can hold up to virtually anything, while also providing enough cushion to comfort anyone who stands on it.

Rubber flooring can be ideal for retail locations, restaurants, or anywhere that requires long periods of standing. If rubber flooring sounds like the ideal fit for you, Duran's Floors is here to help.
If you want something a little more appealing than rubber, we have something to help. Carpeted areas can be ideal if you need to suppress noisy areas.
Vinyl is also a cost-effective solution that’s highly durable against foot traffic and requires very little maintenance.

01 Rubber Flooring

This is ideal for high-traffic areas or places where individuals must stand for long periods of time. It's a comfortable, reliable option.

02 Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is highly durable and resistant to all types of damages. It comes in a variety of styles to add looks and convenience.

03 Carpet Flooring

Carpet provides cushioning for sound suppression and safety in case of accidents. It also comes in a variety of styles.


Why Choose Our Flooring Renovations?

  • Project Management

    We effectively plan our flooring renovations to ensure that your project is finished on time.

  • Maintenance and Repairs

    We can assist with repairs and maintenance of existing floors without total replacement.

  • Timely Work

    Our work is scheduled around you. No one is better suited to maximize the results in the time you give us.

  • Beautiful Design

    Floors should be durable AND look good. We'll help you design a floor plan that complements your space.

  • Expert Knowledge

    We help our clients make the best decisions for their business or home using our vast experience.

  • Increased Value

    Our services are affordable and are proven to enhance the value of your home or property.

Select, Design, Install

Ready to liven up the look of your home or business? Give us a call today.
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